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Milling technology for concrete in ventilation ducts

The professional for the rough stuff!

As an extended service for ventilation cleaning companies, we now offer dry removal of concrete inclusions and hard deposits in ventilation systems - wherever work cannot be done by hand. To be able to offer the right solution in most pipe sizes, we use different milling robots and milling heads. From an inner diameter of DN 70, we remove the hardest materials completely.

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Details on the topic of ventilation

  • A strong partner with know-how and the right equipment
  • Controlled work thanks to robot technology and camera monitoring
  • No pointing or milling work on walls and ceilings
  • No weakening of the reinforcing bars
  • No use of water or sand
  • Our efficiency: With our technology we are in most cases faster than conventional milling technology
  • Trenchless work: We work directly from the pipe, so you can save on expensive work to uncover pipes
  • Maximum water pressure and milling technology: The right technology for every task and with just one system
  • Gentle and controlled: Thanks to the flat impact angle of the beam and permanent camera monitoring (robot) we work gently