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Concrete and steel anchor

Concrete and steel anchor

Thanks to camera-monitored robot technology and a water pressure of up to 2500bar, the hardest materials such as hardened concrete and mortar, but also steel anchors can be removed. Since we work with our robot in the canal, no digging work or road closures are necessary. This saves money, time and nerves! While milling or impact nozzles often cause damage to the pipe, we can work in a targeted manner (and thus gently for the pipeline) thanks to the controlled use of water power. In addition, in almost all cases we achieve a significantly higher efficiency than the conventional milling technique, which means we can offer our customers an optimal cost-benefit solution.

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Details on the topic of concrete and steel anchors

We are often called out when pipes have been damaged by steel anchors and mortar or concrete has flowed into the pipe.

Here the use of the Milling technology to remove Steel anchor and Maximum water pressure technology for the efficient removal of Mortar/concrete with the same system is our greatest strength! This means we are optimally prepared for every case and can repair the damage as quickly as possible!

  • Our efficiency: With our technology we are in most cases faster than conventional milling technology
  • Trenchless work: We work directly from the pipe, so you can save on expensive work to uncover pipes
  • Maximum water pressure and milling technology: The right technology for every task and with just one system
  • Gentle and controlled: Thanks to the flat impact angle of the beam and permanent camera monitoring (robot) we work gently

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