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Construction and installations



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Industry and energy


Real estate and private

Your advantages thanks to DrainJet Robotics in a brief overview!

The hardest deposits such as lime or concrete, root ingrowths, pipe coatings and inliners, even foreign bodies such as steel anchors and reinforcing irons - thanks to DrainJet Robotics, everything can be removed specifically and efficiently using maximum water pressure of up to 2500 bar.


Efficient and gentle with 2500 bar!

With 2500 bar? Won't everything break down? A frequently asked question - answered briefly: No! The technology of the DrainJet Robotics has two major advantages: Firstly, it is the permanent camera monitoring by means of sewer robot technology, and secondly, the water jet used almost parallel to the pipe wall. This creates a frontal effect on the material to be removed without attacking the pipe.

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