Drainjet Robotics AG


Surface erosion

High-pressure water technology is ideally suited for surface cleaning due to its powerful performance, good efficiency and unquestionable environmental compatibility. With various nozzles, devices or robot-controlled systems, we can offer you the right cleaning concept for your project or object. With a water pressure of up to 2500 bar, even the most stubborn coatings, paints or other materials can be removed gently and efficiently.

DrainJet Robotics wears out

Details on the topic of maximum water pressure

  • Cost-effective through efficiency
  • Save disposal costs!
  • Adjustable pressure range
  • Flexibility through mobile plant
  • Low dust emission (mist)
  • No chemistry
  • No sand or foreign material
  • Ship paint stripping
  • Remove concrete / expose reinforcements
  • Shot blasting exposed concrete
  • Remove floor coatings
  • Removing paint from vehicle chassis, rust and coatings
  • Cleaning construction machinery and equipment
  • Cleaning formwork equipment
  • Surface pretreatment
  • Removal of all types of coatings
  • Remove varnishes
  • Cleaning paint booths
  • Cleaning industrial machinery and equipment
  • Large-scale cleaning
  • Facade cleaning / plaster removal
  • Tank cleaning
  • Individual solutions