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Remove without digging!

The lime deposits are caused by rainwater entering through the soil layers, which contain lime salts. Depending on the composition of the soil, more or less lime is deposited on the canal walls. The degree of hardness of the respective water behaves accordingly.

Incrustations can become a problem if they prevent the flow of water and coarse materials such as branches or leaves lead to blockages, backups or even flooding.

  • Reduces the run-off of the water/sewage
  • High risk of constipation (cross-sectional reduction)
  • Due to the slower flow of the water, the limescale can form more quickly
  • Prevent consequential damage

High-pressure water technology has always been used for vibration-free removal. This enables us to work even in pipes with cracks, whereas conventional impact or vibro jets often promote crack formation.

Another advantage of our technology is the constant camera monitoring for controlled work and the flat (almost axial) jet angle to the pipe. This means that the force of the water does not affect the pipe wall, but only the material to be removed: "The gentle power in the canal!"

  • Our efficiency: With our technology, we are faster than conventional milling technology in most cases!
  • Trenchless work: We work directly from the pipe, so you can save on expensive work to uncover pipes!
  • No use of chemicals: We work purely with the power of water without adding chemicals!
  • Gentle and controlled: Thanks to the flat impact angle of the beam and permanent camera monitoring (robot), we work gently.


The professional for the rough stuff!

As an extended service for ventilation cleaning companies, we now offer dry removal of concrete inclusions and hard deposits in ventilation systems - wherever work cannot be done by hand. Since we work with our robot in the duct, no digging work or road closures are necessary. This saves money, time and nerves! While milling or impact nozzles often cause damage to the pipe, we can work in a targeted manner (and thus gently for the pipe) thanks to the controlled use of water power. In addition, in almost all cases we achieve a significantly higher efficiency than the conventional milling technique, which means we can offer our customers an optimal cost-benefit solution.

  • A strong partner with know-how and the right equipment
  • Controlled work thanks to robot technology and camera monitoring
  • No pointing or milling work on walls and ceilings
  • No weakening of the reinforcing bars
  • No use of water or sand

We maintain a good working relationship with companies in the ventilation cleaning industry and can therefore organise all the necessary ancillary work for you, you don't have to worry about anything.

Thanks to good partnerships, we can organise everything for you, from the sewer inspection with protocol to the remediation of the damaged area, so that you only have one contact person!